Roman Reigns Issues Warning to Kevin Owens and Jey Uso

The last episode of SmackDown ended with The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns delivering a beatdown on both his TLC opponent Kevin Owens and his cousin Jey Uso.

After the show, Reigns explained his actions on social media, stating that the attack was necessary to remind both superstars that they should fear and respect him.

“I am doing nothing but what is necessary. If someone falls out of line, I will put them back in and if someone challenges my family’s position. . . they will get knocked down. Fear is a powerful motivator”

Included in Reigns’ tweet was a Tweet from WWE’s official Twitter, with a GIF of Reigns from the last episode of SmackDown, crouched over both Owens and Uso.

Owens has been openly critical of Reigns’ “new attitude” since he returned at SummerSlam. Things came to a head on the November 27 episode of SmackDown where Owens beat down Uso, telling the Tribal Chief that he was not scared of him.

Now Owens and Reigns are set to clash during the December 20 TLC pay-per-view with the Universal Championship on the line. As of now, no special stipulation has been set for the match, but there are still two weeks to change that.