Roman Reigns Promises To Kick Baron Corbin’s Ass All Over The World, Matt Hardy Wants To See The Fiend Win Gold, Kelly Kelly Talks 24/7 Title

Image via WWE

Roman Reigns and King Baron Corbin are part of the 5-on-5 Team Hogan vs. Team Flair Match at WWE Crown Jewel. The two are also set for one-on-one competition on the next episode of SmackDown.

Reigns, who was subject to an attack from Corbin at WWE Backstage, promised in a Tweet that there would be a “LONG week of kicking Baron Corbin’s ass all over the world.”

“You have a receipt coming from #WWEBackstage last night. …And your crown and cape still look dumb,” said Reigns.

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Matt Hardy Wants To See The Fiend As Champion

Bray Wyatt’s new gimmick of The Fiend seems well neigh unstoppable and, according to someone who’s stopped Wyatt in the past, that’s how it should be.

Matt Hardy, who formerly battled and defeated Wyatt before successfully tag-teaming with him, was asked by a fan on Twitter if he would ever try to stop the “monster inside of him [Wyatt] known as the Fiend.

Hardy said that he didn’t want the Fiend to be stopped. In fact, he wanted the Fiend to become the WWE Champion.

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The Fiend has indeed been coming for the WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins these past months, but he has yet to successfully beat Rollins for the championship. With the two being moved to different brands, it looks like their next clash during Crown Jewel might be the last. We will have to see, along with Hardy if this will be the time the Fiend becomes champion.

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Kelly Kelly Talks About Being The First Female 24/7 Champion

During a recent episode of the podcast Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia, former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly talked a little about her career, including becoming the first female 24/7 Champion.

Kelly won the 24/7 Championship during the RAW Reunion show back in July. According to her, it was one of her early mentors back in her ECW days who asked if she wanted the opportunity.

“Paul Heyman called me and he was like ‘Hey, we have this idea for you. I hope you brought some gear with you,'” recalls Kelly.

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“I was like this is going to be awesome, let’s do it. I loved how it all went down. It was great and so much fun!” she added.

Kelly won the title by pinning Gerald Brisco. She lost the title the same night in a segment with two other returning WWE Divas Candice Michelle and Melina. Michelle pinned Kelly for the title while Melina made the three count as the referee.

The 24/7 title is the second title Kelly has held in her WWE career, she is a former WWE Divas Champion.