Roman Reigns Provides Update on New Theme Song

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns recently had a conversation with B/R Wrestling. He was asked about the probability of a new theme coming soon to complete his character.

Last September, in a conversation with a wrestling fan, Roman revealed that a new theme song is coming soon.

Even in his conversation with B/R Wrestling, Reigns didn’t provide a lot of details regarding his upcoming theme song.

He just said that it can’t be a piece of rap music and that it has to be perfect; the latter being the prime reason behind the delay.

“Yeah, we’re working on it. It’s not easy. I’m not gonna just… with this character, it’s gotta be the right vibe. I can’t, you know, be… you can’t just hire a rapper… it can’t just be some rap music.”

The Tribal Chief has one of the most recognizable theme songs in WWE. As Reigns said in the interview, fans just have to “be patient” and wait for it to happen.