Roman Reigns Reveals Details About Which Move WWE Wouldn’t Allow Him to Use

Roman Reigns has always had quite a recognizable move-set while wrestling for WWE. The Superman Punch and The Spear are easily his most common additions to his move-set, but recently Reigns has also introduced a Guillotine Choke.

The Tribal Chief recently spoke to Bleacher Report where he revealed that he had wanted to add the move to his arsenal for a long time but had to let the request go through the chain of command backstage.

“I’ve been wanting to use that for years. No one’s to blame, it’s just the process of the creative. It’s like, ‘What if I just pulled out a submission?’ I’ve been saying that for years. Everybody knows the Spear. The producers that I work with all the way up to the head man said, ‘I think the finish would be better with a Spear.’ That’s great because for years we built that spear up and up. Even today, we’ve manipulated it over the past few months, but nobody’s going to say, ‘I can’t believe he lost to that spear.’ If he won with that spear, they’d be like, ‘Yep, he won with the spear. It’s all good.’”

Reigns also noted that he had picked up the move after watching a lot of UFC during lockdown and seeing that it was a simple move that no other star was using.

“I thoroughly enjoy watching MMA, especially over the pandemic, I feel like UFC has been on TV far more for whatever reason. I’ve gotten into it the last couple of years and it just seems like every single card, somebody wins with the guillotine. It’s the simplest move. It’s the simplest submission ever. You just crank it in there and squeeze and wrench back.”

“There’s going to be a lot of different ways to go in and out of it. It just makes sense and nobody’s really using it. Really, I’m at the point where it doesn’t matter who’s using it, I’ll just use it anyway. The submission was something I wanted to use for quite some time, and I finally pulled the trigger on it.”