Roman Reigns Reveals Whether He Was Paid During His Hiatus From WWE

Roman Reigns was originally scheduled to win the Universal Championship from Goldberg back at WrestleMania before COVID-19 changed a number of WWE’s plans.

Reigns took hiatus from WWE from March until SummerSlam and the company was forced to work around the fact that The Big Dog needed to isolate because of his health and his young family.

While there were rumors that WWE was not happy about the situation, Reigns recently took part in a Zoom Call by The Mania Club where he revealed that he was paid in full during his time away.

“When I took the break, there was a lot of stuff on my plate and I put a stop to it because I didn’t want to open my mind to. There were a lot of scripts coming in, but because I took the time off from wrestling, I don’t want it to get confused; when I’m in contract with WWE, that’s 1A. I never put anything over the day job.”

“When I took my time off due to the pandemic, there were a lot of opportunities coming in, but I felt it wouldn’t have been right to open up to something when I wasn’t even fulfilling my duty as an in-ring performer. The obligation is to be there, whether it’s Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.”

“God bless WWE, I was still being paid in full. There weren’t any type of problems like that. Me and my family were still well taken care of considering the fact that I was staying home. I felt it wasn’t right to chase other opportunities. I took it as a time to be with my family and be a father.”

Reigns’ first match back was at Payback last month where he was able to win the Universal Championship in a triple threat match that also included Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman.