Roman Reigns Says He Doesn’t Want Paul Heyman to Ever Leave His Side

CBS Sports recently spoke with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and the Tribal Chief talked about his relationship with Paul Heyman. Both started working together in August 2020, and so far, they have ruled Friday Night SmackDown.

During the interview, Reigns revealed how he and Paul interact behind the scenes. He said that Heyman does a lot more than just being a manager and makes sure that every superstar he works with is really comfortable with him.

The Universal Champion also said that even if they split in the future, he doesn’t want Paul to ever leave his side. He wants to work with him in some capacity always.

“If something happens and we’re no longer on screen together, I don’t think I’ll ever want to work without him one way or another,” Reigns said.

“Even if we’re not a pairing on television anymore, I will still want and need him at television to work with me. Even throughout the week. We’ll start texting throughout the week to get ideas and figure out the message we want to get across. It’s a weekly battle where we don’t always get our way, but we try our best to do that.”

“It’s definitely a really neat scenario as far as brainstorming and creative spitballing in trying to push the envelope and create the most sophisticated narrative every week.”