Roman Reigns Talks Baron Corbin’s Evolution Into a Great Heel

Image via WWE

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns is set to captain the SmackDown team for the traditional 5-man elimination match during this year’s Survivor Series. He is, however, also embroiled in a bit of a feud with team member Baron Corbin. The two men were on opposite sides during the Team Hogan vs. Team Flair match at WWE Crown Jewel and, since then, Corbin seems to be going out of his way to goad Roman Reigns.

In the last episode of SmackDown, Corbin brought out a man in a dog costume meant to mock Reigns. Reigns, for the most part, has kept his cool, not really confronting Corbin directly yet.

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On the After The Bell podcast with Corey Graves, Reigns talked a bit about working with Corbin who both men remember seeing when he first signed with the WWE.

“If you would have told me that I would have main evented a European tour with Football Tom, I would have said, ‘Get the hell out of here .’ Even with the boys back then he got a reaction,” said Reigns about Corbin.

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Reigns was all praise for Corbin’s current work as a heel which he notes really developed over the past couple of years that Corbin was called up to the main roster.

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“Ever since he cut that hair off and got real stupid and cocky, it started working for him,” noted Reigns.

“Every time we’re out there, the crowd just despises him. It makes my job a lot easier when a guy can walk out there and get under people’s skin. He makes it so that the crowd wants another guy to come out there and kick his ass,” he said about working with Corbin.

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Reigns also talked a bit about his opinion of the rest of the locker room, not naming anyone in particular but saying that there are many who has the right mindset to become big players.

“I think we have a locker room full of guys just a step or two away. They need just a little time and investment or that character niche to put them on the map. But it’s one thing to get into that position and another thing to stay. That’s when you really show your value,” said Reigns.