Roman Reigns Was Reportedly Backstage At Raw

roman reigns
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It was just last week that Roman Reigns announced that he would be forced to walk away from the ring and focus on the biggest fight of his life when he revealed that he was struggling with Leukemia.

Reigns then relinquished the Universal Championship and seemingly left WWE since he wasn’t part of Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose’s Tag Team Championship win that main evented that episode of Raw.

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Interestingly, it’s been just one week since Reigns made the announcement and he was already backstage at Raw this week. WrestlingInc noted that The Big Dog was seemingly just visiting friends and keeping WWE officials up to date with his current medical state so he wasn’t expected to be part of the live show.

An update to the story was that Reigns left the arena about an hour before Raw went live which means that the was never supposed to be seen by the live audience or be on camera for this week’s show.

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WWE played a touching tribute for Reigns on last night’s episode of Raw as the children that The Big Dog recently visited at the hospital in Texas put together a package telling the former World Champion that they were with him throughout his struggle.

Reigns has spoken publicly on Social Media to thank fans for their support through this difficult time and has since been out of the public eye, even though Ace Comic Con announced that Reigns would be one of the guests for their event in January earlier this week, which means that the former Shield member will still be working public appearances for WWE during his time on the sidelines.