Ronda Rousey Reflects on Match With Natalya, Fueling Comeback Rumors

Ronda Rousey is fueling even more rumors about an imminent return to the WWE wrestling ring.

Though Rousey has not been seen in a WWE ring since WrestleMania 35, she is reportedly open to coming back, we just don’t know when.

Given that, any sign on social media that she might be planning a comeback is pounced on, like the photos posted earlier this week by Teal Piper showing herself and Rousey in a training center.

The current round of “Rousey Return” rumors, however, is being fueled by something Rousey posted herself.

Rousey responded to a Tweet by WWE on her match against Natalya back in 2018.

Rousey retweeted the WWE tweet and stated that the match was a favorite and stated that she wanted a rematch with Natalya “someday”

“One of my favorite matches – such a huge challenge in so many ways,” write Rousey.

It’s worth noting that Rousey’s contract with WWE is still valid and it won’t be up until April 2021.

While she’s stated that she has no intention to be a full-time WWE wrestler again, she is open to a part-time schedule that would see her appearing in a few PPVs a year.