Ronda Rousey Reveals the Hardest Part of Being a WWE Superstar

Ronda Rousey made her WWE debut back in 2018 as part of the annual Royal Rumble which later led to her making her in-ring debut at WrestleMania 34.

Rousey signed a contract with WWE which meant that she was the same as every other superstar and would perform at live events as well as Raw and SmackDown when needed.

Rousey only remained in WWE for a little over a year, since the former RAW Women’s Champion left the company following WrestleMania 35 in order to start a family.

The former Champion recently spoke to DigitalSpy where she revealed that she thought was the hardest part of being a WWE Superstar was the traveling.

“I love wrestling but I think it was maybe Sarah Rowe who told me this, she wrestles for free but they pay her to travel. The hardest part I think was just not being able to lay down horizontally, you know. Taking a bunch of hard bumps, your back hurts and you just want to lay down.”

“All I wanted to do between shows is lay down with my legs up and traveling you’re just sitting upright all the time and my back would kill me. So the actual act of traveling I do not miss it all, it was the absolute worse.”