Ronda Rousey Shows Off Bruises Following Charlotte Flair Attack

ronda rousey survivor series
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Ronda Rousey won her match against Charlotte Flair last night at Survivor Series after the former Women’s Champion attacked her with a kendo stick to force the disqualification. Charlotte then continued the assault on Rousey and broke the stick into many pieces as she continued to hit Rousey all over with the stick.

Charlotte then took a steel chair into the ring and bounced Rousey off it when she hit Natural Selection from behind, which left the former UFC Champion bruised and bleeding as referees came down to the ring to force Flair to back off.

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Rousey left the ring with a number of welts on her arms and looked visibly disappointed by the WWE Universe’s reaction to the attack. Many believed that the assault would write Rousey off WWE TV for the foreseeable future, but the Raw Women’s Champion recently confirmed that she would be part of tonight’s episode of the show.

Rousey also shared an image of her face following Charlotte’s attack where the bruises could be seen from the kendo stick which hit her in the face numerous times.

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Rousey also sent a message to Charlotte on Instagram where she told The Queen that she will exact her vengeance at some point but for right now she could run and hide on SmackDown Live.

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There are rumors currently circulating that Charlotte attacked Rousey and then turned heel in this way to set up a main event caliber triple threat match between the two women and Becky Lynch at WrestleMania next year, but the plan here may become much clearer if WWE allows all three women to cross paths at The Royal Rumble in January.