Ronda Rousey Threatens To Leave WWE, Randy Orton Twerks In New Video


Ronda Rousey “Doesn’t” Need The WWE

In her current storyline with the WWE, Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey is currently very frustrated with the way the McMahon family is running things. Could that kayfabe frustration be a reflection of real life?

During the last episode of Raw, Rousey implied that she didn’t really need the job that the McMahon’s were offering her in the WWE. She was in the WWE looking to compete and be the champion against the best. According to Rousey, what was best for business and what she wanted was to face Becky Lynch.

When Stephanie McMahon declined to reinstate Lynch so she could face Rousey, The Rowdy One left her championship belt lying in the ring.

All storyline right? More drama? We certainly hope so. But some of that “I don’t need this job” drama is kind of bleeding into “real life”

In Rousey’s latest episode of her video series Ronda on the Road, she again said she could leave the WWE easily, but the problem is, she loved the job.

“I really love this job. But I don’t need it at all. Not in the least little bit. So, the second I’m not happy, I reserve the right to walk out the door and live happily ever after with the love of my life. And, The Authority—so they are called in this company—are just used to bullying everyone around. And like I said, they give them just enough for them to live a lavish lifestyle, but still have to come back. I don’t,” declares Rousey.

Randy Orton Shows Off His Dancing Moves Out Of Nowhere!

Now for something a little lighter, here is Randy Orton showing us that the RKO isn’t the only thing that he can do “out of nowhere”.

Randy Orton has a lot of accolades in the WWE and much of it comes from his thrilling and exciting move-set. In a recently released video, he showed some moves we don’t normally see in the ring.

Former WWE Champion and Orton’s partner in the faction named Evolution, Dave Batista took to Twitter and gave a hilarious response to the video. “Got all his moves from me! You’re welcome.”

Check out this hilarious and cute video of Orton showing his son how to “dab” and “twerk”. Whether Orton will ever show these moves in the ring, and whether we want him to are up for debate.

The Legend Killer is not yet scheduled for a fight at the upcoming WrestleMania pay-per-view.