Ronda Rousey To Bella Twins: “Hell Will Be Preferable To What I Will Do”

Ronda Rousey
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How mad is Ronda Rousey over the Bella Twins’ sudden but inevitable betrayal? Mad enough to promise them worse than hell during the WWE Evolution pay-per-view.

After the Bella Twins turned on Rousey after their victory over the Riott squad during the last episode of Monday Night Raw, Rousey vented her feelings on Instagram.

Showing a hidden scholarly streak, Rousey turns to classical literature to describe her feelings towards the Bella Twins. She references Dante’s Inferno.

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In Dante’s Inferno, the narrator journey’s through different circles of hell till he gets to the middle. Each circle is especially made to torment a certain type of sinner. In the innermost circle, we find the first great betrayer, Lucifer Morningstar charged with punishing other fellow betrayers.

As Rousey elaborates, in the innermost circle of hell, Lucifer has three heads where he gnaws on betrayers who are “the greatest sinners of human history”.

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She then tells the Bella’s that, compared to what she has in store for them, they’d find time with Lucifer a “relaxing break”.

Why exactly did the Bella’s turn on Rousey? In a video released by WWE, the twins claim that they were tired of Rousey stealing their spotlight. This is actually a motivation the Twins have used A LOT – including during times they’ve turned on each other.

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It seems like their heel turn isn’t just about Rousey though but against anyone else who might underestimate them.

As Nikki put it: “Brie and I are here for Evolution but we’re here to remind everyone, even Ronda Rousey that this is a Bella-lution.”

So is it a Bella World we all live in again? Or will Rousey make the twins wish they hadn’t returned? We will see in Evolution.