Rumor Killer: Brodie Lee Never Tested Positive for COVID-19

PWTorch’s senior columnist Bruce Mitchell published an editorial about Brodie Lee’s death. Mitchell wrote in his article that Lee’s family and AEW lied to the fans about the wrestler’s passing.

According to Mitchell, Lee had died from Covid-19 complications – contrary to what the wrestler’s wife informed the fans.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that Lee was hospitalized for two months before he passed away. Meltzer also cleared the doubts about his passing.

He said that Lee was constantly tested for Covid-19 while working for All Elite Wrestling and even when he was hospitalized. The tests never returned positive, so the Covid rumors can “be legitimately ruled out.”

Wade Keller, PWTorch’s editor, addressed the situation of that sensitive topic and revealed that the piece didn’t go through the normal vetting and editorial process. The post has now been removed from the website.