Rumor Killer On Brock Lesnar’s Son Training At WWE Performance Center


Over the weekend, an image of an up and coming wrestler claiming to be Brock Lesnar‘s 17-year-old on Luke emerged on Instagram where it was claimed that he was training at WWE’s Performance Center.

This story was then picked up by a number of high profile media outlets including The Sun in the United Kingdom, which stated that Lesnar’s son was looking to follow in his father’s footsteps and the caption on the photo also claimed that the six-foot-four inch star was looking to make the move because of his father’s faith in him.

“Life’s about to change pops, I promise you. All because you had faith in me. Thank you for allowing me to follow in your footsteps and make you proud. Happy birthday to my biggest inspiration, role model, and greatest dad in the world!”

Both Dave Meltzer and Ryan Satin have since claimed that this image wasn’t really Lesnar’s son since it was later confirmed that the image came from a Twitter account that was owned by Bryce Winkelmann.

While Satin took to Twitter to state that he had asked about the image at the WWE PC and confirmed that it wasn’t Lesnar’s son, Dave Meltzer also stated that he “was told this was a fraud.”

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Change is coming whether you like it or not

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The original poster has already removed the image from Instagram and the account has been removed from the site completely which means that hopefully, this is the end of the fraudsters claims since whoever it was obviously wanted attention and to see how far this lie would go.

This isn’t the kind of thing that The Universal Champion Brock Lesnar would even comment on, so hopefully, now this will be brushed under a rug and will be the last that many wrestling fans hear about Luke Lesnar unless he decides that he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps in the future.