Rumor: What’s Next For Bray Wyatt In WWE

bray wyatt
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Bray Wyatt could be soon jumping into the main event scene directly from the shadows.

Wyatt has had a somewhat staggering run in 2018 so far and hasn’t exactly been in the spotlight. His alliance with Matt Hardy and winning the RAW Tag Team Championship gave the fans something to cheer for but that didn’t last very long.

Now that Hardy has taken a break from wrestling and is gradually transitioning to a backstage producer, it appears that Wyatt could soon be resuming his singles run with a breath of fresh air.

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WrestleVotes, an insider source, recently posted an update on WWE’s plans for the Eater of Worlds. Wyatt’s character will mostly remain the same, but the former WWE Champion is in for a “slight refresh” when he returns to WWE television.

At the Greatest Royal Rumble, Wyatt and Hardy captured the RAW Tag Team Championship from The Bar (Sheamus and Cesaro). The tag team, later named  “The Deleters of Worlds”, enjoyed a babyface run and it looked like Matt had finally found a “substitute” for his brother Jeff. At Extreme Rules, The Deleters of Worlds lost the tag titles to The B-Team (Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel).

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It’s been quite a while since Wyatt made his appearance on Monday Night RAW. While Hardy and Wyatt’s alliance gave the WWE Universe plenty of moments to cherish, the most significant of them all was a babyface Bray Wyatt.

Wyatt may make his much-anticipated return as a pleasant babyface with his usual spooky characteristics on top.

It’s no secret that Wyatt’s iconic entrance stands as one of the best entrances in the history of WWE and that fans in every arena eagerly wait to immerse in his robust entrance the feeling of which the Eater of Worlds only could create. However, Wyatt’s singles run has been somewhat unimpressive even with the short WWE Championship reign and the Superstar has made a name for himself for his habit of losing big matches.

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The WWE Universe is eager to see the “slight refresh” that WWE has in store for Bray Wyatt. With Eric Rowan sidelined with an injury and Luke Harper’s future on hold, it appears that all members of The Wyatt Family are pretty much on their own now including Braun Strowman. However, Strowman recently made friends with Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre on RAW, so the mere chances of Wyatt reuniting with Strowman seems very unlikely.

What follows next is worth watching out for but it’s no doubt that Bray Wyatt is entering the most crucial phase of his singles career in WWE.