WWE Rumors: Injured WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss Could Be Considered For RAW General Manager Role

Baron Corbin is currently the acting General Manager of Monday Night Raw, but it’s thought that he will be written off WWE TV following TLC and a new superstar will be given the position as the main authority figure on the brand.

Alexa Bliss hasn’t wrestled on WWE TV since she took a bad bump at a house show and was sidelined with a concussion.

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The Goddess has been used in a managerial role instead and at Survivor Series she was the team captain for the Raw women’s team who managed to pick up the victory over SmackDown Live.

The former Women’s Champion has had a bad run in with injuries over the past few months which stem back to the match against Ronda Rousey at Hell in a Cell, where she suffered an arm injury.

Current reports have suggested that Bliss will be kept out of the ring for a while longer and Mike Johnson recently reported on PWInsider Elite Audio that WWE is planning to allow Bliss to take over the reins on Monday Night Raw.

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“The impression that I have is that she went through some medical testing while she was in Los Angeles and that there was no clearcut indication that she was returning to the ring anytime soon. It doesn’t mean that it’s not going to happen. That’s to the best of my knowledge it’s not a Paige situation where she’s been permanently sat out, but it did seem like, ‘Ok in two weeks you’re going to be good to go, or in three weeks you’re going to be good to go.”

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“It’s still very much up in the air. They’ll probably still keep testing her. There was some expectation backstage at Raw that when they come out of TLC Alexa Bliss will probably end up the General Manager of Raw which makes sense when you think about it but given how they change ideas so quickly I don’t know if that is definitely 100% the plan,” he said via Ringsidenews.