Rusev Is Back In, Jericho Is Out! – Why Was Rusev Added Back For The Casket Match Against The Undertaker

In one of the weirdest stories of the last few months, The Casket Match at the Greatest Royal Rumble has undergone another change, or rather it has reverted back to its original state.

In the beginning, the Greatest Royal Rumble was scheduled to have a casket match between Rusev and The Undertaker. Out of nowhere, Rusev was dropped and Chris Jericho was added to the match. Jericho even hyped the match on his social media and genuinely seemed excited about it.

Just a few days later, Jericho is now out and Rusev is back in! According to sources, the reason for Rusev being removed from the match in the first place is an interview he did with TMZ.

During the interview, he was in character, and in all honesty never said anything bad at all. However, TMZ said that he was going to “crush his [Undertaker] old ass” something that he never actually said in the interview. Someone at WWE took offense to this and that is apparently why he was removed from the match. Once WWE realized that The Undertaker was not offended and that Rusev never actually said that, he was reinstated in the match.

It makes for a very interesting and weird story and it is proof that you should always check the facts before you act!