Rusev & Lana’s Love Life Would Never Have Happened Without ‘Matchmaker’ Dusty Rhodes

The Bulgarian Brute and Ravishing Russian are currently on a hiatus

Image via WWE

WWE’s real-life couple, Rusev & Lana will be celebrating their third marriage anniversary just 5 days from now but their relationship would never have happened without a piece of valuable advice from late-great Hall Of Famer Dusty Rhodes.

During a recent appearance on At Cafe, Rusev revealed how he met his future wife within the domain of professional wrestling. It all began with The Bulgarian Brute and The Ravishing Russian crossing paths for the first time at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando.

“We met after moving with WWE from Tampa to Orlando. We met the first day when everybody is introduced to one another. That’s when I met Lana. She didn’t even remember me [that time] because you’re meeting hundreds people on a single day.”

Ever since their on-screen debut, Lana has served as Rusev’s manager. Today, The Lion Of Bulgaria can speak English fluently but back during his NXT and main roster debut, he lacked the skill and Lana did the talking on his behalf.

The on-screen pairing turned out to be perfect and the rest is history. However, it wouldn’t have been possible had The American Dream not advised the duo to team up for the sake of their future in the business.

“The following day I saw her at the solarium, we introduced ourselves to each other and we started talking. Everyday we trained different things and [aspects of pro-wrestling]. One of these training days is about microphone work and [performance]. She spoke perfect Russian because she used to live in Latvia for twelve years. Our trainer [Dusty Rhodes] was amazed by that, by her perfect English and perfect Russian. I was slowly heading up the ranks and he said ‘If you want to get the most [out of your future career] you need to work together’ and that’s how [our relationship] started. Slowly from just talking on purely wrestling topics, by spending more time together, love happened.”

Thank you, Dusty!