Rusev Promises $20,000 To WWE Employees, WWE Network No Longer Available In Saudi Arabia

Image via Twitter

The COVID-9 pandemic has caused WWE a number of issues over the past few weeks, but as the virus continues to spread throughout America, it seems that many WWE stars are now affected by the outbreak.

Recent reports suggest that Dana Brooke was taken out of the SmackDown Women’s Championship match at WrestleMania because she’s been quarantined, while Rey Mysterio’s match with Andrade for the United States Championship was expected to be added to the card, but Mysterio is now also quarantined, so WWE went with a Tag Team Championship match between The Street Profits, Andrade and Angel Garza.

Braun Strowman noted on Twitter a few days ago that while he isn’t working on WWE TV he doesn’t actually get paid, so former United States Champion Rusev today decided to step in and donate $20,000 dollars to his WWE family to help them through the tough times that they are currently facing.

Given the current crisis and the fact that many WWE fans have been forced to stay at home, WWE has decided to give the WWE Network out for free until WrestleMania. While this is fantastic news for fans around the world, it appears that Saudi Arabia has been missed.

A fan in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recently Tweeted WWE’s Network page regarding his streaming service where they were told that it isn’t available in the country at present. The Network was available in Saudi Arabia before, which is why the fan is upset that he is unable to continue to watch old WWE episodes, but it appears that WWE may have decided to retract their service from The Middle East. At present, it is unknown as to why the service is down for the country since WWE is said to be on good terms with officials in Saudi Arabia.