Rusev Reveals Reason Behind Controversial Tweet, Says He Will Return To Saudi Arabia

Image via WWE

WWE’s latest trip to Saudi Arabia has made headlines all over the world when reports coming out of the country suggested that there was much more to the delay that over 170 employees faced when they tried to leave the country on November 1st.

There were many stars that Tweeted about the situation that they faced when “mechanical issues” forced them to remain in the Middle East for a few hours longer than they had prepared to.

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Rusev tweeted asking for prayers from the fans, which was one of the Tweets that made many fans believe something more was going on, but in a recent interview with The Sun, Rusev revealed the real reason behind his update.

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“The frustration just grew by each hour and me asking for prayers is nothing new. My father is a pastor, I’m a believer in God, Jesus Christ, our savior, so I always ask for prayers just because I wanted to go home, not because we were held hostage. I don’t think anyone in their rightful mind is going to hold 170 people, American citizens, hostage, I don’t think that’ll reflect well anywhere,” he said via WrestlingNews.

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Rusev also went on to state that after coming out victorious as part of Team Hogan, there is one main reason why he will be returning to the Middle East for the company’s next show.

“I make a lot of money, I will definitely go back. I love it, I love every single trip that we do there, I love how we break barriers with women wrestling there and Lana being able to go. I think it’s a great victory for the company, not just for that, but to open new doors and new opportunities to develop further, it’s just amazing. It’s a great opportunity for us to be ambassadors for entertainers.”