Rusev Tests Positive For Coronavirus, Days After Lana’s Parents Contract Deadly Virus

Former WWE Superstar, Rusev, who now goes by the name Miro, has revealed to have tested positive for the novel coronavirus. The Bulgarian Brute made the announcement on his Twitch live stream.

“I’m absolutely positive for COVID-19. I’m absolutely, one-hundred percent, super, mega, incredibly positive. Yes, I got a phone call from the doctor.”

This unfortunate news comes just days after Lana revealed that both her parents had contracted the deadly virus and were admitted to the hospital.

Following the disclosure, Miro posted a video on YouTube to discuss the situation. He noted that Lana’s mother is now recovering at home while his father-in-law has lost weight and is trying to get his weight back. The former United States Champion has sent his father-in-law some protein shakes in this regard.

The 34-year-old Superstar further revealed to have lost his sense of smell and taste. His initial misreading made him assume that he had tested negative and he didn’t receive any call about his test either. However, the doctor later rang him up to inform that he has indeed tested positive for COVID-19.

 “The weirdest thing is I feel great.” 

Miro clarified that although he feels great, he was tired for a while which he thought must be due to his workout. The former Superstar will now stay at home, hit his home gym, spend time on Twitch, and schedule a consultation with a doctor.

At this point, Miro hasn’t signed with any promotion yet. He was previously rumored to be AEW-bound, but The Lion Of Bulgaria is yet to make his next career move.

Miro was among the hundreds of employees who lost their jobs on April 15th as part of the widespread cuts carried out by WWE. He had been involved in a contractual dispute prior to his firing from the company.