Ryback Explains Why Velveteen Dream’s Loyalty May Change When WWE Stops Pushing Him

The main roster is not all roses; call-up may do more harm than good


NXT North American Champion Velveteen Dream showed his immense loyalty to WWE by asking whether it is fair to criticize Vince McMahon if fans don’t enjoy the product. Per the champ, the performers are to blame if the product isn’t enjoyable.

This got the IWC pointing at how Dream is blindly riding on McMahon’s boat just because he received his push, earned his first title in NXT and is now looking for a main roster call-up.

Ex-WWE Superstar Ryback discussed the matter on Conversations with the Big Guy Ryback podcast and analyzed why Dream defended The Chairman.

“I actually heard Velveteen Dream made a remark on the talent and I get what he is doing. He desperately wants to get called up to the main roster and wants to get out of developmental.”

“Oftentimes, guys will try to kiss Vince McMahon’s ass to try to do that, it’s just the way that it is. Guys do media – Vince McMahon is a genius and a wizard. They say these things because they want to get called up; they want to make big money and they want to get out of developmental. That is the truth of the situation, or he is naïve. He doesn’t understand how it works yet; it’s not the talent. The talent has always been there.”

Dream is a new player in the game and most likely unaware of the way the creative works. Simply put, the WWE machine will chew talents in and throw them out and they won’t be the same as before – for some its a career-defining push while for others it’s a dreadful fall.

“If Velveteen Dream shows up to Raw and they go, ‘Velveteen, you’re going to go out on Superstars. We’re not going to give you an entrance. You’re not going to do any sh*t. You’re going to put this guy over and you’re not going to do anything cool. We don’t want you showing off and if you do, you’re going to be pulled and will be sitting in catering for a year and then we are going to fire you.’”

“You’re not going to get over, so that will be a rude awakening if he doesn’t know how the creative process works. He probably already does; he is a smart guy. I feel like he does know it but he is just trying to get called up, which I commend. You gotta do what you gotta do to get called up,”

WWE has a history of burying Superstars after calling them up on the main roster which is why it won’t be a wise move for Dream to make the jump immediately. Let’s not forget, The Big Guy himself is a victim!