Ryback Responds To Jim Ross Saying He Had a Bad Attitude

Image via Twitter

Former WWE superstar Ryback was recently the subject of a tirade from Jim Ross on his Grillin’ JR podcast.

According to Ross, Ryback was a prime example of someone who never reached their full potential as a wrestler, and a lot of that had to do with his attitude.

“You know, sometimes attitude, right place right time, whatever. Just stars did not align,” said Ross on his podcast.

“I think when we first saw him, we thought he, being somewhat of an Ultimate Warrior-type guy, heavily muscled, big thick guy. You ain’t gotta be a Dory Jr. in catch as catch can wrestling. You can be a bruiser, and that’s what he was. But along the way, he didn’t do himself any favors, quite frankly,” Ross concluded.

Ryback responded to Ross’ comments on his own podcast, Conversations With The Big Guy. According to Ryback, Ross doesn’t really know what he’s talking about because he wasn’t there for most of Ryback’s WWE run.

“I like Jim a lot. He’s clarified himself on Twitter that he just wanted my best and to see me fulfill my potential and realize my dreams. I like Jim Ross and there’s no beef but he just wasn’t there for any of the runs, any of it,” began Ryback.

“I don’t think Jim understood why I left in the first place outside of what he read about my back needing a five-disc fusion and shoulder replacement. But JR mentioned that I didn’t have a lot of trust in people which for that he was correct on, but he also didn’t understand why,” he added.