Ryback Speculates The Reason Behind Matt Hardy’s Lower-Card Status In WWE

Image via WWE

A few weeks ago, Matt Hardy made a surprising return to WWE programming following his hiatus, but his current run has been far from splendid. The multi-time tag-team champion has seen his stock fall massively as a singles wrestler in WWE, and he has been part of no proper storyline apart from the Broken Matt-Bray Wyatt storyline last year.

Hardy’s contract is also drawing to a close, if rumors are to be believed, as his three-year contract with WWE will end during WrestleMania season next year. Hardy is also back in the Broken Business and is already putting up videos on his channel, suggesting the return of his Broken Matt gimmick.

According to former WWE superstar Ryback on his podcast, WWE could be punishing Matt Hardy because of the troubles Jeff Hardy has landed himself in the last few months. He also speculated that Hardy could be refusing to sign a contract, which could be the reason behind WWE trying to put him in a jobber position.

“It’s certainly not doing Matt any favors with that whole Jeff Hardy situation. But in my personal opinion, based on the history of Matt Hardy and how they have booked him in the past, they’ve always viewed Jeff Hardy as the bigger single’s star in the company’s eyes.”

Ryback talked about his own experience when WWE gave him an IC title run and tried to convince him to resign with the company, but he refused and was later placed in a position similar to Hardy’s current booking.

Matt Hardy is a sure-shot Hall of Famer in the future, along with his brother Jeff, but his talents are definitely being limited by the WWE booking. His Broken gimmick had tremendous potential but it fell flat in the company, and the whole Broken Matt shtick could be a valuable addition to any company he walks into.