Salaries Of Many Of WWE’s Biggest Stars Including Triple H, Undertaker and John Cena Revealed

wwe superstar salaries
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WWE superstars are globally recognizable athletes, which means that they are able to travel the world and gain quite a handsome wage for doing so.

Not only are many WWE performers on an interesting base wage, but they also gain a huge cut of their merchandise sales as well as bonus payments throughout the year if they are headlining the company’s bigger events.

WWE has already established who their biggest stars are, which includes the likes of Brock Lesnar, John Cena, The Undertaker and Roman Reigns and even though many of these stars haven’t performed for the company in a number of months, it appears that their salaries for the past year have still been pretty high.

The Mirror recently released the salaries of some of the biggest stars in the company, which go on to show that Brock Lesnar is still the highest paid athlete in the company since he pocketed $12 million for 2018.

The difference in payment between men and women is pretty shocking since former UFC Champion Ronda Rousey signed with WWE back in 2018 and is reportedly on a contract worth $1.5 million.

Triple H takes home $1.1 million a year plus $1.65 million for his talent based contract while WWE Chairman Vince McMahon‘s cut is just $2.4 million.

Base salaries for some of the company’s biggest stars are listed below:

Brock Lesnar $12million
John Cena $8.5million
Roman Reigns $5million
Randy Orton $4.5million
AJ Styles $3.5million
Seth Rollins $3million
The Miz $2.5million
Undertaker $2.5million
Dean Ambrose $2million

While the women’s look a little different:

Ronda Rousey $1.5million
Charlotte Flair $550,000
Nikki Bella $350,000
Alexa Bliss $350,000
Mickie James $300,000
Brie Bella $300,000
Natalya $300,000
Asuka $250,000
Becky Lynch $250,000
Dana Brooke $200,000

With John Cena now on a part time contract, The Undertaker seemingly retired and Triple H looking for a backseat role in the company moving forward, it will be interesting to see how much these figures change at the end of the year.