Sami Zayn Believes His “AEW” Comment Was “Blown Out Of Proportion”

Image via WWE

It’s become pretty clear over the past few months that AEW and WWE are now in some kind of War.

The two companies go head to head on a Wednesday night with AEW and NXT steaming live on both TNT and The USA Network. Even though AEW has been getting the better of the ratings, it appears that the show has also mentioned WWE many more times than WWE has brought up their competition.

WWE has only mentioned AEW once on WWE TV and that was back in May following Double or Nothing, where Dean Ambrose made the move over to the company. It was part of a hot seat segment which also included Corey Graves, and Zayn was hoping for a number of interesting questions from the WWE Universe but didn’t get his request.

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This lead to the former NXT Champion then stating “You could have asked me about AEW” to which social media exploded.

Zayn has since been on something of a losing streak and has now been partnered with Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura where he seemingly isn’t allowed to wrestle. Zayn recently spoke to CatchNewz where he revealed that he believes the comment was blown out of proportion, but he also seemingly reveals that the segment was unscripted.

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“No no. It really was not a big story besides what was on the internet. Basically, the goal of the segment was a small new segment that we were trying for people. An unscripted thing. I knew that if we say ‘AEW’ like that, people would talk about it.

“That’s exactly what happened. As you see, nothing really happened after I said that. It was done once, and nothing happened…It was a small segment of time, it was the goal, to have people talking about it,” he said via TheSportster