Sami Zayn Believes WWE Should Give a Month off to Wrestlers Each Year

WWE superstars are one of the busiest people in the world. They have to travel all over the world for different shows, and spending a lot of time on the road can be tiring.

This year, WWE wrestlers aren’t traveling as much as they used to, thanks to the global health crisis. Although, when the situation becomes normal again, WWE will restart doing live shows and wrestlers’ schedules will change once again.

Sami Zayn spoke to BT Sport recently, and the Intercontinental Champion shared his opinion that wrestlers should get at least one month off each year.

“I don’t run things, but if I did I’d say it would be great if everybody could have a month off every year.”
“It would go a long way for the performer, the fans, and the product.”

At a time where most people want to go back to their office again, Zayn feels that wrestlers deserve a break and he isn’t wrong.

Many wrestlers said that due to the health crisis, they are getting to spend some precious time with their family.