Sami Zayn Vows to Continue to Fight “Injustice” After Loss to Big E

WWE SmackDown superstar Sami Zayn is vowing to continue his fight against “injustice” in WWE.

Specifically, Zayn is ranting about his loss on this week’s SmackDown to Big E. Zayn lost the Intercontinental Championship to Big E during this week’s episode of SmackDown.

This is Big E’s second time with the Intercontinental Championship, and WWE has been quick to recognize the new Intercontinental Championship.

They have also released a post-show video of Big E being interviewed by Ayse Ashton about his win. Big E is shown wearing a hard hat stating that he won against Zayn because he “went to work” on him during the match.

Zayn talked about the loss on Twitter, calling it an injustice that he will be getting to the bottom off.

Though most of the tirade is in his heel persona, Zayn also takes the time to reveal his real-life good guy persona by ending his Tweet with a plug for his charitable organization “Sami For Syria”.