Sammy Guevara Blocks MJF on Twitter, MJF Reacts

Kayfabe has died down in recent years, with wrestlers consistently appearing without their on-screen personas on several platforms.

However, MJF is known to keep kayfabe alive even in these times, and seems like his newest rival, Sammy Guevara, is going to adopt the same policy.

Guevara and MJF had a tussle on Dynamite this week, leading to Guevara leaving the Inner Circle altogether. Guevara also blocked MJF on Twitter and sent out a screenshot on his feed.

Guevara is apparently a babyface now, after he left the arena through the babyface route, and will probably be involved in a feud with the whole of Inner Circle.

MJF called this a ‘classy move’, further sowing seeds for a full-fledged rivalry down the road.