Samoa Joe Is Confident He Will Win The Top Title In WWE One Day

Joe's main roster run has been plagued with injuries and inconsistent booking

Image via WWE

WWE Superstar Samoa Joe was on the Gorilla Position podcast recently, and spoke about his character and career in WWE in a candid interview. Joe is currently a RAW superstar and has stayed on the main roster for two years now.

His main roster run has been plagued with injuries and inconsistent booking, which has hampered the career of the 40-year-old. Samoa Joe was asked whether he feels he could be a WWE Champion one day, to which he replied in affirmative. When asked about the reason behind him not winning the championship, Joe jokingly said ‘Racism’.

Joe went on to talk about his character and said that his character’s current story doesn’t require him to be the top guy. He was confident in his abilities to overcome the current hurdles and reach the top of the company. Joe said that he has done it before in different promotions, and would like to replicate the same in WWE.

“You know what, honestly, time and where we’re at in the story. In terms of what the future holds I’m pretty confident about it. Let me put it this way, I’ve faced a lot worse odds in overcoming things and I’m pretty confident of overcoming this one.”

Samoa Joe has challenged for a World Title every year since his debut, but has fallen short every single time. Joe challenged Brock Lesnar, AJ Styles and Kofi Kingston in three successive years, and almost crossed the final hurdle.

When asked about whether being a WWE Champion is something he needs or not, he said that it’s extremely important to him that he wins the top prize. He felt that it’s important for his legacy that he wins the title one day.

“For my legacy and for what the fans who have followed me throughout my career, it’s very important. For me personally, I find a great amount of enjoyment in what I do. I’m able to do what I do around the world, this is my dream job and I love it.

“That being said, it’s also very important to me, damn it. Are you crazy? Of course, it’s important to me and my legacy. It’s important to both.”

Joe will next appear in the King of the Ring tournament which starts from next Monday.