Samoa Joe Says Vince McMahon Didn’t Want Him In WWE

Image via WWE

Samoa Joe made his way into a WWE ring four years ago, when he joined NXT after spending more than a decade wrestling in different promotions like TNA and Impact. The Samoan Submission Machine quickly became a major hit with WWE Universe with his solid promo work and his ability inside the squared circle.

samoa joe
The WWE boss was not a fan of the Samoan Submission Machine

However, one person never got the appeal of Joe, and it was WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. In an interview with, Samoa Joe talked about how McMahon ‘vehemently’ opposed the idea of Joe being in WWE.

“Vince vehemently opposed me being in WWE. He didn’t know me, wasn’t familiar with me. And now we have a great relationship, everything’s working fine.I think he just realize he already bought it, so he might as well use it. No, like I said, with every partner I’ve ever worked with it’s about time and understanding. And we’ve had some time and we’ve had some understanding. It’s working out pretty well.”

Samoa Joe debuted on the main roster in January 2017, but his main-roster career has been plagued with injuries. Joe has come close to winning top championships on the main roster, but hasn’t been successful in winning either the Universal or WWE Championship.

Samoa Joe featured in a championship match three summers in a row, fighting against Brock Lesnar, AJ Styles, and Kofi Kingston.

Joe’s WWE career may not be perfect, but it is far from a failure. He has received ample opportunities to shine as a singles competitor, and that doesn’t happen if you are disliked by Vince McMahon of all people!

Vince McMahon has evidently come around on Joe, and could reward him with a top title in WWE quite soon. The Destroyer won the NXT Championship in 2016, but has only one title reign to show for on the main roster, a US Championship win earlier this year.