Samoa Joe Was Originally Set To Win The WWE Championship At SummerSlam

Samoa Joe
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There were four Championship changes at SummerSlam last weekend and even though some of these came as a shock to the WWE Universe, one of the biggest shocks was the fact that AJ Styles managed to retain the WWE Championship.

Throughout the feud between Styles and Samoa Joe, The Samoan Submission Machine has had the upperhand and decided to take things to the next level when he brought Styles’ wife and children into his promos.

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Joe hasn’t held a Championship since he was in NXT and has been on the main roster now for almost two years, his feud with AJ Styles was thought to be his time to shine but incredibly, Styles was pushed so far over the limit by Joe that he was forced to use a chair and get himself disqualified which meant that he was able to retain his title at The Biggest Party of the Summer.

This isn’t a side of Styles that the WWE Universe has seen before and reports are now suggesting that this wasn’t the original plan for the match.

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WWE actually considered allowing Samoa Joe to dethrone Styles at SummerSlam. This was the finish that many of the WWE Universe expected, but instead, WWE opted to show that Styles also had a destructive side when it came to protecting his family.

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The current WWE Champion is the cover of 2K19 and according to RingReport that has obviously given him a lot of pull with the creative team in recent weeks, but it’s believed that the duo will now meet in a rematch at Hell In A Cell where Joe could finally be given the Championship he has deserved for the best part of his career.