Sarah Logan Announces Retirement From Pro Wrestling

Sarah Logan’s WWE in-ring career looked promising following her main roster debut as part of The Riott Squad but three years later, her time in the ring can be best described as forgettable.

A highly talented athlete lost in the WWE machine, Logan is now stepping away from the squared circle.

In her latest Instagram post, Logan announced that she is retiring from pro wrestling. Gritty Southern Belle informed her fans that although the content displayed on her page will change owing to her ongoing collaboration with Wild and Free TV, it will continue to reflect the person she is.

On April 15th, Logan was among the hundreds of names laid off by WWE. While she almost made a comeback on RAW the following week, WWE nixed the plan for her angle after the flagship show went live and the former Riott Squad member was never seen again.

Logan’s retirement from wrestling comes during a time when WWE happens to be pairing up her former stablemates, namely, Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan.

All three Superstars enjoyed a good start to their main roster careers but their momentum faded the moment they clashed with Ronda Rousey.