Sarah Logan Comments on Riott Squad’s Reunion on WWE Raw

WWE’s company-wide employee release on April 15th led to Sarah Logan’s firing during the on-going coronavirus pandemic.

While there were reports of WWE bringing Logan back on the roster, the same didn’t quite happen and the 26-year-old Superstar announced her retirement from pro wrestling.

On The Bump, Logan shared her thoughts on the reunion of The Riott Squad on Monday Night RAW. The Gritty Southern Belle is delighted for her former stablemates, but at the same time, she feels bad for WWE not executing the reunion storyline while she was still on her contract.

“As a genuine friend of Liv and Ruby, it makes me happy to see that they’re doing stuff together again. But there’s a part of me that misses them so much. Me and Liv sat on the bench for almost a year in WWE; this could have been done earlier. I’m excited to see them as good guys. They’re the only reason why I watch TV.”

The WWE Universe was under the assumption that Logan’s untimely WWE exit would bury Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan in singles competition.

Surprisingly enough, Daddio and Punk Rock Ragdoll are now going strong and could well be on their way to capture the Women’s Tag Team Titles.