Sasha Banks Doesn’t Want To Work With Alexa Bliss In The Future

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Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks have already had a number of memorable matches surrounding the RAW Women’s Championship, which includes their match at SummerSlam last year where Banks was able to defeat The Goddess of WWE before she lost the title back to Bliss the following week.

Bliss and Banks have crossed paths a number of times throughout their time in WWE and were even in NXT together where it was rumored that Banks actually broke Bliss’ nose in their first encounter.

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It has become a well-known fact that the two women don’t like each other outside of the ring, but this has only added to the illusion of hatred between the two women when they are made part of the same storyline.

Right now, Bliss is still in the Women’s Championship picture, whilst Banks and Bayley have been reunited over the past few weeks and are seemingly heading towards Tag Team Championships.

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Despite this, Banks was recently interviewed by WWE kickoff panel star Pete Rosenberg where she admitted that she doesn’t want to work with Bliss in the future, but she would since it’s her job.

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Banks is a former four-time Women’s Champion but she hasn’t had a great run with the title over the past few years and has never been able to successfully defend her title on RAW. Now that Ronda Rousey has become the main face on Monday Night RAW, there hasn’t been many places for Banks to fit in, but Bliss has remained part of the Women’s Championship picture.

It’s likely that Bliss and Banks will cross paths in the future, but the direction that the storyline is going right now would definitely get the seal of approval from Banks.