Sasha Banks Explains Why Her Babyface Stance Against Ronda Rousey Won’t Take Away From Royal Rumble Championship Match

Image via WWE

Sasha Banks will square off against Ronda Rousey for the RAW Women’s Championship in less than two weeks at Royal Rumble.

The most bizarre feature of this title match is the fact that Banks is being portrayed as a babyface with Rousey already standing tall as a babyface.

This is somewhat awkward given WWE usually books traditional “babyface vs. heel” matches and the rule is thoroughly followed when it comes to pay-per-view events. Goes without saying, Royal Rumble is among the company’s glorious “Big 4” PPVs where the rule should be strictly followed to set the “hero vs. villain” tone for WrestleMania.

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The RAW Women’s Championship match at this year’s Rumble has a different feel due to the “babyface vs. babyface” theme. It’s a bit dramatic to have two ‘good guys’ wrestle each other especially with a title on the line.

While last year’s Survivor Series also portrayed the same theme, Charlotte Flair turned heel on Ronda and the match ended with the traditional “babyface vs. heel” note. However, it wasn’t The Queen but The Rowdy One who was booed out of the arena.

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While promoting her upcoming championship match during a recent interview with SportsKeeda, The Boss explained why her babyface stance against Rousey at Royal Rumble won’t hurt the overall vibe of the match as the common goal is to win.

“Why do I need to be a bad guy to wrestle her? I think in WWE it’s all about competition and having the best match, whether it’s good guys wrestling each other or bad guy against a bad guy. It’s all the same thing.”

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“We all have that one common goal of winning. So if you’re a good guy versus a bad guy, you want to win. If you’re a good guy versus a good guy, you still want to win. The common goal is winning. So I don’t think it’s going to take away from the match at all.”