Savio Vega Returning to WWE This Month

WWE appears to be inviting some names from the past to attend The Undertaker’s farewell at the Survivor Series.

WWE is going out of their way to make the final farewell for The Undertaker feel special and seems like they are inviting a special friend of the Deadman from the 90s.

Savio Vega will be returning to WWE during the Survivor Series event which will be Undertaker’s last hurrah with the company, according to Super Luchas.

Vega was a close aide of the Undertaker in the early 90s. Vega was a member of the Bone Street Krew, which featured Hall of Famers like Yokozuna and The Godfather.

Survivor Series airs on the WWE Network on November 22nd. WWE is releasing several specials in the lead-up to the event, celebrating Taker’s glorious career in the professional wrestling business.