Scott Dawson Calls New Day An Embarrassment, Big E Talks Dealing With Annoying Co-Workers


The Revival and The New Day are currently exchanging shots on Twitter ahead of their match at Clash of Champions.

The Revival is set to challenge New Day members Xavier Woods and Big E for the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships during the pay-per-view on September 15.

The two teams have been clashing recently, both amongst themselves and behalf of their allies. The Revival have seemingly aligned themselves with Randy Orton who is set to face the third member of New Day and the current WWE Champion Kofi Kingston during Clash of Champions.

Challengers, the Revival, aren’t just waiting for Clash of Champions to take their shots at the New Day, however, and are taking to Twitter to heat up the feud.

One half of The Revival, Scott Dawson called the New Day an embarrassment on Twitter.

According to Dawson the New Day has turned the whole tag division into an embarrassment and blamed the fans for cheering the New Day on.

“We make our money in the division they’ve cheapened. It’s time to make a 7-figure dent on my bank account,” wrote Dawson.

His partner Wilder kept his comments shorter, telling the current SmackDown tag team champions to “break a leg.”

At least one member of the New Day isn’t letting negative comments from their opponents get to him.

Big E has tweeted about the upcoming match at Clash of Champions with the Revival and it seems like he might be looking forward to it.

According to Big E, he is “grateful” that, unlike many of us he doesn’t have to just tolerate an annoying co-worker, but he can actually do something about it.

“I am grateful to have a job that allows me to beat the hell out of coworkers I don’t like,” wrote Big E, making sure to tag both members of the Revival.