Scott Hall Briefly Worked With NXT Talent As A Trainer And Producer

Hall produced the debut match of 7'4 foot giant Jordan Omogbehin

Image via WWE

Turns out that WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall has been spending time at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

During an episode of the X-PAC 12360 Show, Hall told the host, his friend and DX stablemate Sean Waltman, that he has been helping train some of NXT’s developmental superstars. He even produced a match while he was there.

According to Hall, he had arrived about 8 to 9 day’s early in Tampa for his appearance at the RAW Reunion Show.

“I spoke to Triple H in the past about who’s training the big guys,” Hall recalled. “So we had a mini big guy summit, I got to watch films with the bigger guys, have one-on-ones with some of them, get in the ring and talk about their different move sets, and what they got and stuff.”

Hall was particularly impressed with Jordan Omogbehin and not only worked with him but produced his debut match.

“I saw this new kid they have down there, Jordan [Omogbehin]: big kid, about 7’4, about 440 [lbs], just a monster. And I was there for his debut match, I got to produce it,” said Hall.

Hall spoke about enjoying having the chance to guide a rising performer as doing so creates a bond between the talent and the one coaching them.

Hall also mentioned the value of “skull sessions” that NXT performers go though where they re-watch their matches with their coaches and peers who judge their performance.

When Waltman asked if the prospect of Hall becoming a full-time trainer at the WWE, Hall’s response was an enthusiastic, “Yes, please.”

Currently, another of Hall’s fellow legends and DX stable mate Shawn Michaels is working with NXT. We’ll just have to see what happens with Hall in the future.