Sean Waltman Is Done With In-Ring Wrestling, Bret Hart Reportedly Declines Raw Reunion Invite

Image via WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Sean Waltman announced on his X-PAC 12360 show that he will no longer be an in ring competitor.

Waltman was last seen in the wrestling ring during a six-man tag match during the Wrestlecon SuperShow held during the WrestleMania 35 weekend. During the match he teamed with Gregory “The Hurricane” Helms and Jushin Thunder Liger.

“I decided,” Waltman stated. “The WrestleMania weekend show, myself, and Hurricane, and Liger – the six-man. That was it. I’m done.”

While Waltman seems adamant that regular in ring action isn’t something he’s looking to do again, he did say that he wouldn’t object to coming back for a one-off match. As long as that one-off match is at a big event like WrestleMania or NXT TakeOver.

I’m more interested in having a match on a show like [an NXT TakeOver event]. It would mean more to me. Maybe I’d team with Matt Riddle. Maybe a six-man, so I can have a little bit more protection.”

Brett Hart Reportedly Declines Invite To Raw Reunion

As we previously reported, two WWE Hall of Famers’ Jim Ross and Bully Ray have declined to appear on this Monday’s Raw for the Raw Reunion.

Now, reports are circulating that yet another Hall of Famer, Bret “The Hitman” Hart has turned down an invite to be at the Raw Reunion.

The report comes from Dave Meltzer of, though he provides no details as to why The Hitman declined the invitation.

The last time the Hitman was present in a WWE event was during this year’s Hall of Fame Ceremony where he was jumped by an attendee.

Hart’s last wrestling related appearance was at the AEW Double Or Nothing pay-per-view where he revealed the AEW World Heavyweight Title belt.