Sean “X-PAC” Waltman Suggests RAW UNSCRIPTED For Boosting WWE Viewership

Heyman and Bischoff could make RAW UNSCRIPTED a reality sooner than later

Image via Reddit

WWE Hall Of Famer Sean “X-PAC” Waltman is aware of the struggling periods that Vince McMahon’s promotion has been through in the last two decades.

A new situation is currently haunting WWE – record-low viewership ratings. Since the beginning of this year, WWE has recorded dreadful numbers week in, week out and the same has now become a regular nightmare for the billion-dollar company.

USA Network, the home of Monday Night RAW is pretty concerned about WWE’s declining product and has taken the responsibility of suggesting ideas that may help in turning things around. The WWE 24/7 Championship and next week’s special RAW Reunion show are just a couple of ideas that have been pitched by USA Network to boost viewership.

On the July 2 episode of X-Pac 12360, Waltman pitched a huge idea that will not only be the first of its kind in WWE history but will also help the company to analyse the metrics and fill the gaps accordingly.

“I have an idea. Have you ever seen with network shows where they will do like a special?— I think they should do an episode of Raw like that. And promote it as this, RAW UNSCRIPTED, a whole episode where everyone just kinda goes out there. They produce their own matches, they go out there and say what they want to say without being scripted, just give them bullet points and watch how many people tune in to see that… RAW UNSCRIPTED.”

WWE’s biggest competitor, AEW is looking to draw first blood with its upcoming weekly show on TNT. The upstart promotion had previously revealed that their product will be edgy and won’t feature any scripted promos.

If WWE indeed plans to stay ahead in the race, then it’s safe to at least take Waltman’s idea under consideration.

As previously reported, WWE is ditching the PG-Era for an edgier product and with Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff now in the driver’s seats, it won’t be long before RAW UNSCRIPTED becomes a reality.