Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose Could Now Be Handed WrestleMania Main Event

Dean Ambrose
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Dean Ambrose turned heel on Seth Rollins following their victory in last night’s main event where they won the Tag Team Championships, and the WWE Universe reacted by giving Ambrose the nuclear heat that he deserved because he chose the worst night possible to attack his former Shield teammate.

Roman Reigns revealed that he was forced to relinquish his Universal Championship because he’s struggling with Leukemia and needs to give the disease the attention it deserves over the next few months. Rollins was visibly emotional given the announcement that his teammate was struggling with a heartbreaking condition.

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The fairytale ending for Ambrose and Rollins was for them to win the Tag Team Championships and many fans thought that this was the end of Raw. Obviously, this wasn’t and what then followed was one of the most heartbreaking tag team break-ups in WWE history.

In light of the current situation surrounding Roman Reigns, WWE will be looking for a new WrestleMania main event and Dave Meltzer from The Wrestling Observer is now speculating that WWE could hand his two brothers the main event spot in his absence.

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Reigns’ streak at WrestleMania will come to an end since he has already main evented the past four shows, but it would definitely be less of a blow for fans of Reigns if the company allows Rollins and Ambrose to take his place.

“I believe 100% that the WrestleMania main event is Seth Rollins challenging Dean Ambrose for the WWE Title. Now how you get there, I have no idea,” he said via Ringsidenews.

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It’s hard to see Ambrose and Rollins colliding for the Championship that is currently on SmackDown Live, but it could be argued that this feud doesn’t even need a title. This rivalry is built of pure hatred and could easily be one of the best stories heading into the Showcase of the Immortals next April.