Seth Rollins Announced for First Episode of WWE SmackDown in 2021

WWE SmackDown superstar Seth Rollins will be returning to the blue brand on the first SmackDown of 2021.

WWE has announced that 2021 on FOX will “kick off with fireworks” on January 1st with the return of Rollins.

Rollins was last seen on Friday Night SmackDown as part of the men’s Survivor Series team during the Survivor Series pay-per-view. Rollins was the first person eliminated from the match, volunteering to go in first for the SmackDown team but simply dropping to his knees and allowing himself to be eliminated.

Of course, that is the storyline reason for Rollins’ absence from TV, the real-life reason is he was taking paternity leave.

Rollins took time off to welcome the birth of his daughter with multiple-time WWE Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and spend the holidays with his family.

There’s no word yet as to what Rollins will be doing on SmackDown, but given as the next big event of the year, the Royal Rumble is coming up, it is likely that whatever he does will inform his storyline leading to the Rumble.

Also announced for January 21, 2021, on SmackDown is a match between the new Intercontinental Champion Big E versus King Corbin.