Seth Rollins Apologizes To Will Ospreay After Recent Twitter Exchange

Seth Rollins is the Universal Champion in WWE and it’s obvious that he is proud that he is at the top of the mountain but he also represents the entire company, which could be why his recent Twitter exchange with New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Will Ospreay wasn’t seen in a positive light.

The exchange began when Rollins Tweeted about WWE as part of the Stomping Grounds pay-per-view and asked to find anyone alive who does what he does as well as he does and as often, something that Ospreay responded to so that he could point out that he was indeed alive.

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This lead to Rollins going straight on the offensive and telling Ospreay that WWE already had a better version of him and tagged Ricochet in the Tweet. Ospreay and Ricochet know each other very well and have had a number of impressive matches, so it was thought to have been slightly rude to tag The One And Only in the Tweet as well.

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This later led to Ospreay pointing out that he had already had more matches than Rollins in 2019, (just three more) and told Rollins to “catch up” before Rollins decided to take the level of the conversation down a notch when he brought up the fact that if he liked to compare numbers then they should compare bank accounts.

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The WWE Universe seemingly turned on Rollins after this Tweet and after a few days to think about it and probably after a lengthy meeting last night at Raw, Rollins opted to apologize to Ospreay earlier today. He also reminded his entire fanbase that he loves being the Champion that he is and that he knows he’s representing a global company with his comments, even though he still believes that he is the best of the best in the ring right now.

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