Seth Rollins Credits Vince McMahon For “Burn It Down!”

seth rollins
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Whether you’re a Seth Rollins fan or not, there’s no denying that he gets one of the loudest crowd reactions in the business right now.

And a lot of it has to do with the very fun “call and response” aspect of his ring entrance.

Whatever arena he steps into, fans just love to greet the current Intercontinental Champion with a loud and enthusiastic “Burn it down!”

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Well, according to Rollins, the credit for that particular part of his entrance goes to chairman Vince McMahon.

While some people may feel that McMahon’s involvement with some of their favorites or non-favorites is detrimental, there’s no denying how long and how influential McMahon has been in the business. He has to have done a lot of things right for the company to be where it is now.

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And one of the things he’s gotten really right is Rollins adding the phrase “Burn it down!” to his formerly purely instrumental theme song.

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As Rollins himself told in an interview, the phrase was a take on the commercial for WWE 2K18, where Rollins was the cover star. The commercial showed Rollins being, as he put it, “a bit of an arsonist.”

“Having words in the entrance was totally Vince’s idea,” Rollins tells Nola. “There was nothing in that space, a weird dead space to Vince. He thought it was a good idea to fill it with something.”

According to Rollins, they went through a few options before settling on “Burn it down!”, which is now a huge part of his character.

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“Thanks to Vince for having 50 years of wrestling knowledge in his back pocket. It’s a fun interactive thing for the audience.” Rollins says.