Seth Rollins Denies Talent Meeting Reports, Who Actually Spoke Up?

Image via WWE

Seth Rollins was reported to have been the main advocate for WWE as part of their meeting following WWE Crown Jewel, but the man himself stated that this wasn’t the case when he called out Dave Meltzer on Social Media last night and revealed that he never actually spoke as part of the meeting.

Rollins wasn’t thought to have been the locker room leader, which is why he’s taken it so personally that there were rumors regarding his attitude in the meeting.

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According to a report by WrestleVotes, it was actually AJ Styles who spoke up during the meeting and the report went on to state that Styles is well respected in the locker room so his voice actually matters.

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Further reports regarding the meeting from Dave Meltzer have also been confirmed by Fightful Select, and they went on to reveal that Karl Anderson, Rusev and AJ Styles all spoke up.

“AJ, Rusev, and Karl spoke up, Seth didn’t say anything, neither did Randy. Joke, or otherwise. Nothing TO say lol. We were told everything out there was rumors,” per Fightful.

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There were rumors regarding Randy Orton and the fact that he apparently made a joke at the meeting, which sounds like something that The Viper would have done to cut the tension, but this wasn’t the case since Fightful revealed as part of the same report that Orton didn’t make any kind of joke.

Orton obviously wanted to keep WWE’s officials on his side, since it was revealed this morning that the former World Champion has signed a new five year deal with WWE. Orton was rumored to be thinking of moving to AEW since he posted a number of updates on Social Media and was upset with the company after his idea of forming a faction with The Revival was rejected.