Seth Rollins Guns Down Rumors About The Curb Stomp Being Banned Again By WWE

WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins was recently rumored to be suffering from a “Curb Stomp ban” yet again.

Rollins brought back the Intercontinental Title Open Challenge this week on Monday Night RAW and Dolph Ziggler was the first Superstar to answer the call. The match had plenty of near falls with The Kingslayer attempting his devastating Curb Stomp on The Showoff a couple of times, but it was the Falcon arrow that finally helped The Champ score the victory.

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This led to a recent Twitter report stating that the Curb Stomp has been banned again in WWE due to an issue with the WWE Network. The Kingslayer promptly gunned down such report in just five words.

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Bryan Alvarez addressed the ban on Wrestling Observer Live noting that WWE decided to go with the Falcon Arrow on Monday night to get that move over.

“They’re trying to get over another finish for him,” Alvarez said. “He does the falcon arrow in every match. It never wins. People still go crazy for it. The fact that he won with it is gonna make it a hotter near fall from now on. He went for the Curb Stomp twice in that match and didn’t get it so it’s not like it’s gone.”

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Rollins’ Curb Stomp was banned a couple of years ago as the move was too lethal and ran the risk of causing damage to the opponents. Furthermore, since the PG Era has pressured the WWE to look into the difficulty level at which a certain move is performed in the ring, it turned out that Seth’s finisher was too dangerous to be performed on TV, thus forcing Vince McMahon to ban the move for the time being.

This past January on Monday Night RAW, The Kingslayer performed the Curb Stomp on Finn Bálor, officially marking the return of the devastating finisher.