Seth Rollins’ Injury Caused A Number Of Changes On Raw, Who Was Ricochet’s Original Opponent On Raw?

Image via WWE

Seth Rollins’ Injury Caused Some Late Changes On Raw

Seth Rollins has been sidelined with a back injury since the Royal Rumble, but the former World Champion already has a huge WrestleMania match awaiting him and WWE is now hopeful that he will be cleared in time.

Image via WWE

It was believed that if Rollins was able to rest instead of being made part of Elimination Chamber then he could have been cleared ahead of this week’s Raw, but this wasn’t the case and according to a report by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, this caused a number of issues on Raw.

“So they script the show and the Gargano/Ciampa vs Revival match is on the show and Seth Rollins was supposed to be all over the show. Okay? The show was built around Seth Rollins.”

“Everyone thought that he’d be okay. So Seth Rollins has an L7 problem in his back. He doesn’t need surgery, he just needs rest. They thought that he would be cleared at any time and he wasn’t cleared. He’s probably not far from being cleared,” he said via Ringsidenews.

“He was there, but a lot of his segments that involved him being in the ring had to be removed.”

Ricochet’s Raw Opponent Was Changed At The Last Minute

Ricochet made his Raw debut on Monday Night when he came out and saved Finn Balor from a two-on-one beatdown at the hands of Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush, but even though Balor and Ricochet picked up the win, this wasn’t the original plan.

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer recently revealed that Ricochet was originally set to face Finn Balor on his Raw debut, but Triple H pushed to have this match changed because he didn’t think that Ricochet should lose his debut match and Balor had only recently become Intercontinental Champion.

The change of match meant that WWE had to push Lashley and Rush back together, but it seemed to work out better than face vs face and it means that Ricochet and Balor could still have an interesting feud in the future if required.