Seth Rollins Is Not a Fan Of Intergender Wrestling Or Twitter

Seth Rollins was recently interviewed by the Daily Star where he gave some of his thought on the idea of intergender wrestling.

According to Rollins, men and women should compete separately, especially in wrestling there should be an element of realism in the matches.

“I am not saying women aren’t as good as men because that is not the case,” said Rollins.

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“But there is a reason when you go to the Olympics there are men’s and women’s [sports], there is a reason you have men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s basketball. It is not they aren’t as talented, or they are not as good as athletes, but you just need to break it up. There are women out there who are incredible,” he said.

Rollins also talked about social media, specifically Twitter, where he’s drawn some real life heat upon himself recently when people didn’t like what he had to say.

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Rollins doesn’t seem to be fond of Twitter, calling it a “cesspool of negativity” that he can’t really get his head around as he came from an era when social media wasn’t a thing.

“Twitter seems to be this cesspool of negativity where its so easy to focus on what you don’t like rather than what you do like. People seem to band around negativity, I don’t know if it’s one of those misery loves company type things,” said Rollins.

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“Before it used to be you would hang out with three or four of your friends and talk about how you don’t like things, now you hang out with three or four hundred of your friends and talk about how you don’t like things. I don’t know, maybe you get more responses on negative tweets or whatever. It is frustrating,” he explained.

“I am coming from an era when we didn’t have social media, when I was a teenager it was before social media was a thing. It about is trying to adapt to that culture but not really understanding why we use it so much for negativity,” he added.